Sports taps into the passion that Tahoe Truckee has for sports, be it on the mountain, in the gym, or on the kids’ fields.

How to Save Your Knees

With ski season around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the snow and prepare against ACL injury by following these guidelines.

Heed the Windy Call of Kiteboarding

A one-time niche pastime, kiteboarding is now an official Olympic sport, and the Tahoe area is emerging as a destination for those who do it.

The Beginner’s Head

Being at the pinnacle of a sport can wear the psyche. Professional climber Emily Harrington shares how being a beginner again, and even flailing a bit, helps to refresh the mind.

Tahoe’s Drones

The key to responsible drone use in Tahoe is simple: Follow the rules (yes, there are rules).

On Your Left

If bikers are to be safe there is a need for change by all of us: bike riders, drivers, and pedestrians.

Be Balanced, Get Results

Dave Jack, of Performance Gym, has been a fitness professional for eight years, focusing on doing the work inside the gym to better enjoy the fun outside. In that time, he’s learned that balance is the key to results —not just for him, but for everyone.

Deadstock, VNDS, Beaters, Colorways, Resellers, and Grails

One of our sports columnists explains the many intricacies to sneaker culture, and how it these kicks tie together an entire subculture.

Let Them Run

This month’s DRIVEN subjects, Alison Hardy and Jay Wilsey, have stories of backpacking from San Diego to Tahoe and overcoming huge odds on the path to fitness.

Downieville Classic Mountain Bike Race and Festival

In its 24th year, the Downieville Classic is back with an exciting lineup of bike racing and eclectic bike-themed celebrations.

If I Had a Boat

The beauty and struggle of boat building, from a wood shop in Floriston to the American River.