Lake Tahoe Yoga Bike Path Cleanup



    May 25, 2019 10:00 am

    • Address

      Lake Tahoe Yoga to Pine Road Ridge

    “Many of the practitioners at Lake Tahoe Yoga use the path to get to the studio as well as for peaceful
    walks, dog exercise and fitness activities. The residents who live in Stateline can easily access the many
    Roundhill businesses via this three-mile paved path.
    Clearing the Way
    The path becomes littered with pine needs, soil and trash throughout the year. In 2018, studio owner,
    Jenay, decided to create an event to clear the path as a demonstration of caring for the community.
    Lake Tahoe Yoga is built on the concept of giving back and Jenay considers volunteering as one of the
    best ways to do so.
    You Get Free Yoga
    Every volunteer who spends one or more hours of their time helping out will receive a complimentary
    studio or beach class with Lake Tahoe Yoga. You deserve to stretch, relax and recover from the work
    you’ve done. For those who have never tried Yoga before, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the
    basics at one of Tahoe’s most recognized studios.”