WhatsApp 2019 New Version



    November 7, 1987

      Application Whatsapp which chat application that became a favorite of the user hp when. Whatsapp 2019 later will appear then as a Whatsapp version is the latest. Along with the development of time, Whatsapp was always correcting its performance. So that users more easily apply it. Wear Whatsapp version update will certainly be more profitable users. Part of the reason the community offers the use of Whatsapp is that of the features provided by this one application. Whatsapp delivers features such as group talks, which is able to accommodate up to 250 members. Through the group, all members can share images, videos or other document files. Latest Whatsapp has also caused the feature group description is a feature to describe the illustration of the group as a whole. In this description can write a description of up to 512 characters. Whatsapp became a favorite chat app, the video call feature. This feature is considered better than other similar apps. In addition, Whatsapp has also become an often times get tickets use free of charge without the data quota of the virtual world. Many vendors mobile network which offers a data package is not free of charge chat use Whatsapp. This system is truly beneficial especially when You’re being a poor quota. Sending files is also easier using the application Whatsapp. Whatsapp latest version conversation to send the file in various extensions as doc, The size of the file sent is also greater which can send up to a size of 250 MB. This system is very easy to send and share files or important documents for office and so on. Download Whatsapp 2019 will be released soon and can be downloaded by all members. Whatsapp 2019 APK can really easily be downloaded in newsstand application available on Your phone. You can do just by typing the app name in Google or other search engines. After this will also take you to a link to download the application. Whatsapp Download 2019 , you only need to install it and use Whatsapp as usual.