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Your art, poetry, short essays, or photos. Submit to editors@moonshineink.com.

Andrew Marshall | Steller’s Jay

Andrew Marshall, “Steller’s Jay,” watercolor, 8x10-inch; andrewmarshallimages.com

Morteza Ansar | Untitled

Morteza Ansari, “Untitled,” photograph of Transcendent Souls project, directed by Nicole Ashton Martin; sharppics.com, Instagram: @soaringDude

Ronnie Rector | Doomed

Paying homage to Reno's retro motels.

Rory Canfield | Tonic Arts

Cosmic inspired art using rich colors and intricate designs.

Tahoe Burl Theory

Katy and Alison are two friends who create hand-painted signs made from reclaimed wood rounds in the Tahoe Basin.

Tree to Table: Greywood Design

Tom Loeschner was born into wood working, and today operates his small furniture business, Greywood Design.

Lorien Powers Studio

Check out Lorien Powers, a local truckee metalsmith doing lots of creative things in her work.

Dennis Color 1960


Experience the art of Dennis James, who gathers his inspiration from his Husky and the outdoors.

Wild Hair Welding

This is your Space! Submit your art, visual or written, to editors@moonshineink.com, along with contact info, brief bio, and a byline so you get credit for your masterpieces.