Greg Eaddy’s first memories of creative creation go back as far as kindergarten, when he would get fired up making everything from construction paper collages to a hand-sewn book about his dog Jenna running away, to crafting ancient prehistoric diorama battle scenes. Looking back, the only subjects in school he genuinely enjoyed were art, music, and the outdoors — it is these three areas that have come to define him as a graphic artist.
Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, Eaddy studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University where he received his BFA in Graphic Design. He moved to California in August 2011 to further his artistic career, and after more than three years of Bay Area client work he relocated to Tahoe City. It is here in Tahoe that he found his perfect cocktail of art, music, and outdoor activities — everything from creating show posters for local bluegrass gatherings to flying his hang glider with golden eagles in the Sierra.