Hannah Eddy, who grew up on the coast of Maine, fell in love with drawing and painting at a very young age. Snowboarding, skating, and surfing became huge influences on Hannah’s life and brought her west after high school for bigger mountains and more adventure. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Colorado with a studio art degree and continued the journey west, making Truckee her basecamp for a handful of years.
Today, Hannah and her husband Tim often hop in their adventure mobile — a renovated truck camper equipped with solar panels, a wood stove, gear storage, small kitchen, and a comfy bed — and cruise along the west coast, from up north all the way down to Baja depending on swell or snow conditions. Hannah loves doing freelance work from the road, but when they are not on the move, the Eddys are at their new home base in Reno, where she has more space to paint.
Throughout Hannah’s travels in search of powder, waves, and inspiration, she is endlessly exploring nature, and feels a strong need to give back to protect our playground. She strives to use recycled materials, create minimal waste, and practice sustainable methods in her art. In her fun, colorful paintings and prints she depicts abstract landscapes and dream scenes. She hopes to encourage an appreciation of our planet, getting out of the box, and for not taking life too seriously.
Lately, Hannah has joined the movement towards positive change and donates much of her art to raise money for different nonprofits. She and Tim self-published their first book under the new side project Do Radical — a multimedia platform that aims to inspire having fun while living more sustainably — with a large percentage of profits going towards Protect Our Winters.  Do Radical is a multimedia platform that aims to inspire having fun while living more sustainably.
You can find a selection of Hannah’s art for sale on her Etsy shop heddyart.etsy.com, in Lorien Power’s Truckee Studio, Coffee Bar Squaw (she has a show in February), and on DoRadical.com.
She can also be found @hannfull and @doradical on Instagram.