Hawk & Field … there is infinite freedom when walking in an open field under the great, expansive sky. The hawk invites us to be aware of what we feel in ourselves, to be observant of what we see around us and to listen to our own inner voice and spirit. It is this spirit that infuses every product I create. My handmade jewelry and small batch apothecary are made with intention, a sweet nod to soul, and a whole lotta love.
Annemarie’s studio is nestled where the mountains meet the Sierra Valley in California, located just north of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Her products can be found locally at Bespoke in downtown Truckee and at Well Being in Kings Beach, or through her website hawkandfieldstudio.com, Instagram @hawkandfield, or email hello@hawkandfieldstudio.com.

Small-Batch Apothecary

From as far back as childhood summers in my mother’s herb garden in Washington state, I’ve been fascinated with plants and their healing properties. This appreciation of herbs has led me to extracting their therapeutic qualities to create apothecary products that nourish both body and soul. The herbs in my products are patiently solar infused in natural oils and then pressed by me, by hand. I source organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. You won’t find any parabens, phthalates, or anything synthetic or strange in my products. Just all-natural ingredients from Mother Earth.

Hand-Fabricated Jewelry

My life-long love of gemstones, rocks, and treasures of the natural world inspires my jewelry designs. Each piece is hand-fabricated by me and imbued with ample free spirit. I use reclaimed metal whenever possible and source responsibly mined gems with an emphasis on gemstones mined and cut in the United States.

A sampling of The Four Directions Rings, a collection featuring U.S.-mined and -cut gemstones set in sterling silver and 14K gold. Each ring is one of a kind. Courtesy Photo

Annemarie’s studio was built with reclaimed wood and metal siding. Photo by Forrest Huisman

Annemarie’s studio was built with reclaimed wood and metal siding. Photo by Forrest Huisman

Honey Hoops are part of her Honey Collection, which was created as a reminder to stay mindful of honeybee conservation. Photo by Gabe Sullivan

Small batch apothecary salves, made with solar infused organic herbal oils and 100% natural ingredients. Courtesy Photo